How to Properly Clean Out a House Full of Junk

How to Properly Clean Out a House Full of Junk

One of these days, we would have to finally face that attic and all the scary things in it. 

No matter how organized and careful you live, over time, you will find that you have accumulated a lot of junk. 

Sometimes we get so emotionally attached to the things we don’t use anymore that we cannot immediately dispose of them so we just store them away. Or perhaps, we just get too busy to pay attention to removing these things from our homes.

So gradually, the boxes keep growing and the shelves cannot hold them anymore. Now that’s not the scary part. Going into the room or the attic and finding these loads baring their fangs can send us out immediately. When you find that you have too much junk or some part of the room is inaccessible, it is time to declutter your space.

Cleaning out a house full of junk can be overwhelming so the big question becomes how do you do it properly so that no part of the house is left out?

So here’s an easy guide on how to properly clean out a house full of junk.

Plan out everything

Just as we begin every task, there is the need to draw out a concise plan to get the job done. Thus, to properly clean out your home, have an idea of why you want to get this done. This propels you even till the end. Your plan should include when you want to clean, what time you want to spend, and who is assisting you.

It is important that you work from room to room and not just randomly so you could easily track the amount of work done. In each room, take an inventory of the things there and what you want out. It is also good to plan for how the junks would be removed when you are done so you get a clean space as soon as possible.

Pick up junk from home

  • Take out trash

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, it is time to bring out the trash bag. Walking around the house, you could easily pick up junk from your home. Starting from each room, pick up whatever junk you find there. Broken items, paper trash, can be removed at this stage. Once you are done with the insides of the house, you could move outside as well.

So you do not burn out on time, at this stage, focus just on picking up the irrelevant items and not on cleaning yet.

  • Arrange scatter items

Asides from the junk in the room, this stage might require picking up other items that are either lying on the floor or sitting in the wrong place. For instance, if you find any dishes or cups sitting around, it is time to put those away. 

This is also the best time to pick up and put in the right place laundry sprawled out on the chair, the floor, or the bed. If you have kids, you would want to put away their toys or any of their items that have littered the ground.

  • Sort out what you no longer need

If you are not in haste to cleanout, you could sort out the items into what you need and what has to go. You could use this period to note what you still use and what is just taking up space. Eventually, you would find that some of these can be given away and some should just be disposed of.

Bearing this in mind, you could easily designate an area in each room as you work for those things that should be thrown away and those that can be given away. One easy way to get this all set is by creating a donation box for things that can be reused. With this, you could easily store up things in your box.

Remove junk from the house

Once you have sorted out everything, next, you remove the junk from the house. There are several places you could easily drop off items you no longer use or that you wish to get rid of but the best way to go about removing junk from the house is to rent a dumpster and throw your unwanted item in it. The major benefit of renting a dumpster from a dumpster rental company is that their crew will help to deliver the dumpster to your home or job site, pick up the dumpster when you’re done and take the debris to the waste disposal site without you lifting a finger.

A dumpster rental company can help you to get rid of non-hazardous items such as construction and home improvement debris, household junks, wooden furniture, electronics, drained appliances, empty aerosol cans, and yard waste. If you’re not sure about what you can or can’t put in a dumpster, kindly get in touch with our local dumpster rental experts to provide you with the necessary information you need or give us a call at 512-567-3235 to find out what’s accepted in your area.

Home Cleanouts

With an arranged space, feel free to jump on the opportunity to clean the house. Here, you could remove dust and vacuum the room. It is usually wiser to begin one room at a time so it does not get all overwhelming and so you do not get tired out quickly, you could leave the kitchen till the end.

Once you are done with the room you move to the bathroom to wipe down the sinks, the mirrors, and if there is a counter. Remember to clean and disinfect the bathtubs, shower, and toilet using appropriate products. 

Following a similar routine in the kitchen, arrange the dishes in the right places. Wipe the counters, the microwave, the stovetop, and any other surface. Lastly, using a mop, you can clean out the floors.

Home cleanout services

Previously, people would spend their weekends cleaning up the house. But times have changed and many of us cannot afford that extra time in between jobs and chores to clean up the entire house. That’s where a home cleanout service comes in.

Getting professional hands to get the job done for you has its perks you can’t deny. No doubt, house cleanouts could be overwhelming and time-consuming especially if you have a large house. In between answering calls, doing chores, and looking out for the kids, you might not finish the whole house in a day. But with the right hands, that stress is taken off you and you have the extra time to do something else. 

Getting a deep clean is one of the tough jobs many are not sure they can handle. Considering a professional home cleanout service takes this task off you while ensuring that the appropriate products are used on your furniture to avoid damage. 

Also, many of us do not know where the junk should go so we end up stacking them back in the attic or somewhere in the yard. So much for a hard day’s job! Just as a home cleanout professional can help to properly clean out your house, getting your unwanted items to the right location for reuse or recycling can be easily taken care of by a dumpster rental company. 

To Wrap up

Whoever said doing a house cleanout was easy especially for a large home! But that should not deter you, having a cleared-out space is important for more than your home aesthetics. It also allows you the space for other things.

When doing a house cleanout it is important to tackle each room before moving on. By following these steps, you would be sure to properly clean out your home no matter how cluttered it might seem. Don’t be afraid to ask your kids to help. What better way to teach them and to get extra hands on deck.

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